Dual Students

"I am for over 2 years Dual student at SIGNON and work in telecommunications technology. Through the practical training I can already independently work on projects."

Kirill Zalesskij, dual student 5th semester

Young engineers with special expertise in the rail sector are in greater demand than ever. In addition to the theoretical basics, the new generation of skilled professionals requires in-depth knowledge in dealing with innovative tools and systems. We offer you entry into the rail world with a dual study program in the fields of electrical engineering and computer science. SIGNON will pay the study fees and make you financially independent by paying you a fair salary.

Study Program Electrical Engineering

Your strengths are in the natural sciences? You are interested in rail systems and their physical and technical correlations?

Then let us sponsor you!

SIGNON Deutschland GmbH has been training dual study program students in electrical engineering for the past three years.

We offer you a fully paid Bachelor's degree at our partner universities bbw and HWR in Berlin.

The practical part takes place at our premises in Berlin, Munich or Dresden. Secure an education with sound foundations and future – at SIGNON!

Your benefits:

  • Buddy program
  • Work in friendly and open-minded teams
  • Integration into daily project work, taking autonomous responsibility
  • Company travel pass, company pension scheme, group accident insurance & lunch allowance
  • Internal training opportunities
  • Financial independence
  • Regular company & team events
  • …and much more

The study of industrial electrical engineering at HWR during the first four semesters comprises basic electrical and technical engineering. In addition, you will be taught complementary modules in business administration, law, English and research techniques.

A wide field of basics, such as materials engineering, analog and digital technology and energy technology basics, will give you an optimal start for your specialization.

In your final year of study, along with project work and your bachelor thesis, you will gain deeper insight into automation technology, energy technology and renewable energies, product development, and much more…

During the three months practical phase, you will work with professionals on current projects and handle subtasks under your own responsibility in order to learn how to apply the theoretical knowledge to the specific field of rail technology. As a regular team member, you gain insight into all project phases and can realize your own ideas.

At the bbw University of Applied Sciences, the core curriculum of the first four semesters is targeted at basic engineering.  In addition to studies in electrical engineering, you will also learn the basics in law, economics and rail operations.

Building on this knowledge, the focus of the 5th and 6th semesters is specialization in rail control and safety technology. Modules such as Control Engineering and Circuit Technology, Signaling & Systems / Measurement Technology and Traffic Telematics you teach you everything about the planning and development of rail-bound traffic systems.

By way of regular practice reports and project work in our teams, you will be able to apply your theoretical knowledge right away and thus achieve long-term learning success. As team member, you will already be responsible for subtasks in ongoing projects and therefore be able to realize your ideas during the project phases.

At the end of your studies, in addition to your bachelor's degree, you will receive a certificate from the railway operations manager as a fully trained planning and control technology planner.