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Our solutions.

Cross-system standard planning or special customer-specific scenarios: Our experts are here for you to develop solutions tailored to meet your requirements. Covering all trades and systems and all performance phases for every field of activity.


For our business segment Mobility, we offer expert services in every area of expertise listed. From concept to planning to operation. Holistically. Because this is our full service concept as one-stop supplier for infrastructure projects.

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Innovative solutions for capturing rail infrastructure data

SIGNON Data Engineering has been offering innovative solutions for capturing rail infrastructure data for more than 10 years. Our in-depth railway expertise enables us to provide infrastructure data that is precisely attuned to the challenges of the railway industry and equipment technology.

Our Services

Our central system SAT.engine is a mobile mapping system that can be used worldwide to capture rail infrastructure data. SAT.engine can be expanded with specific modules if needed. Our customers get everything from a single source – from the measuring vehicles to software and video analysis. In addition to these all-in-one solutions, we also offer tailored solutions to meet all customer needs.

  • Capturing of railway infrastructure
  • ETCS validation
  • Updating of stock data
  • Creation of as-completed drawings
  • Consultancy




Your Benefits

Reliable & safe

  • More than 10 years of experience
  • More than 50 projectreferences
  • Certified processes
  • Four-eyes principle throughout
  • Data security through anonymisation of people and relevant objects
  • Automated testing

Innovative & rail-specific

  • Worldwide use possible
  • Speeds of up to 200 km/h
  • Tunnel and night measurements
  • Quick installation
  • No track closure required
  • Current and accurate infrastructure, topology and geodata
  • Kilometre calculations in GIS

Efficient & customer-oriented

  • Fast data analysis through machine learning
  • engine viewer for virtual route inspection and traceability
  • Various export formats for seamless data processing

Your challenges.

Railway  stations  are  complex  installations  that  require  the  multi-layered  interaction  of  technical  and  organizational  processes.  Customer satisfaction, safety & security, cleanliness as well as low and simple maintenance under normal operations are fundamental requirements for competent advice and the planning of new rail equipment technologies for this specific environment. These days, the challenges lie not in the individual system, but in the interaction and interdependence of system interfaces to ensure consistent and optimized operation and maintenance. Each solution devised in the field of equipment technologies needs to be measured against these criteria. As one-stop service provider in the field of equipment technology SIGNON specializes in meeting such challenges and will find the optimal solution for you and with you.

Our solutions.

SIGNON and its partner TÜV SÜD offer contractors and operators the full range of planning and implementation services required for the construction of railway stations.

  • Signalling and control systems
  • Telecommunications and safety technology (including radio link)
  • Electrical equipment for lighting and power supply
  • MV networks and Equipment
  • Underground cabling
  • Contact lines

Innovative transport companies are testing electric busses in many places and also use them for scheduled services. Using the simulation tools of our SIGNON SUITE for intelligent design of the charging infrastructure and the right choice of battery makes it possible to create a sustainable and cost-efficient concept for your electric busses without the need for complex and costly measurements and test drives. This enables you to exclude the possibility of oversizing the battery and incurring the accompanying additional costs. You also avoid the risk of cancellations due to empty batteries and don’t waste any potential recuperation time.

Configuring the battery concept for busses with the SIGNON SUITE means planning ahead and minimizing costs.

Your challenges.

There are many arguments in favor of ETCS: Replacement of existing automatic train control systems, initial deployment, pilot projects, migration concepts, network-wide system implementation etc. However, every stage of an ETCS project requires specific know-how and expert knowledge.  Thanks  to  our  experience  in  the  practical  implementation  of  ETCS  we  know  exactly  how  to  support  you.  Migration  concepts, specifications or system integration - the European train control system is one of our core competencies. From basic to detailed design, from consulting to commissioning. Comprehensive service offerings only possible thanks to the bundling of know-how, expertise and the skills of our experts.

Our solutions.

  • Spezification and Consulting (Guidelines, verification and validation, safety assessments etc.)
  • Design and engineering (e.g. operational szenarios and simulations)
  • System integration and commissioning

Your challenges.

Our teams of transport and engineering experts specialize in the requirements of railbound transport systems. You specify the economic framework. From project start to commissioning, we support you with dedicated and innovative solutions as well as new technologies. Even when everything runs smoothly, we continue at your disposal: Providing concepts for your preventive and corrective maintenance.

Our solutions.

  • Assisting you with the tender process
  • Commissioning and testing of vehicles and fixed installations
  • Assessment of planning and interface requirements and costs of a system
  • Safety and Security, RAMS
  • Organizational set-up of rolling stock and maintenance departments
  • Monitoring procedures (incl. error messages)
  • Set-up of procedures for scheduled maintenance

Our competences.

  • Network studies for direct current or alternating current for local or long-distance railways
  • Planning of rail power supply installations, overhead contact line installations, rail safety technology
  • Development of simulation systems for traction simulation and network calculation of complex traffic systems (tram, metro, suburban railways, trolley bus, rail)


  • Concepts for network control stations
  • Preparation of requirement specification documentations
  • Planning for telecontrol components and Networks
  • Tendering
  • Assistance in the award of contracts
  • Supervision of construction
  • Approval and acceptance
  • Staff training

Your challenges.

Safe and reliable railway systems require transparent and traceable system processes and documentation. Availability analyses, risk assessments, CSM considerations or security analyses must be created by trained staff taking into account the relevant standards (e.g. CENELEC, TSI, CSM-VO, VDV, VV NTZ). The top level of the integral system must be broken down on the individual subsystems such as Signalling, Rolling Sock, Communication and Power Supply and the results need to be merged systematically and without contradiction.

Our Solutions.

  • RAM: Operation analysis, quality management etc.
  • Safety: Safety documentation, CSM-analysis etc.
  • Security: Risk assessment

The wide range of projects carried out around the world require state-of-the-art expertise. As one-stop service provider for infrastructure projects requiring highly specialized consulting and engineering services across all systems and for all stages of the project life cycle, SIGNON offers comprehensive and practice-oriented know-how. This is why SIGNON is also able to provide training in a large variety of areas covering planning, maintenance and operation. We focus on customized transfer of know-how, because that is the key to successfully implement reliable and sustainable systems.

Your challenges.

New traffic routes, projected in advance to ensure time and energy savings for later operation, are planned without steep gradients and radii of curvature. It follows that the construction and operation of tunnels for rail systems and for road transport too thus go hand in hand. However, these structures pose a variety of technical and functional challenges to operators and respective interdependencies need to be taken into account in the planning phase.

Our design compentences.

  • Telecommunications (including radio link)
  • 50Hz installations, including lighting
  • Signalling and safety Systems
  • Building automation
  • Ventilation/Cooling
  • Fire safety Engineering
  • Evacuation modelling and safety
  • Contact line Systems
  • Rail power supply/Earthing systems/EMC